Supercharged Visualisation Through Meditation

April 8, 2014

In a previous blog-post on meditation, I focused on how meditation can increase your happiness and felt positivity. Being happy and grateful is one of the preconditions for making the law of attraction work for you and it is proven that people who meditate regularly and are generally mindful are more content.

With regard to the law of attraction, however, meditation can help you in another way to manifest. Your thoughts send out vibrations that combine with vibrations of the same wave length and therefore manifest your desires. Some people think that since there is a lot of “noise” in the universe, in order to manifest a desire, the thought has to be very powerful and undiluted. In other words, if you casually visualise your dream while doing the dishes and listening to the radio, that thought / visualisation might not be strong enough to penetrate the noise in the universe. I am not a metaphysicist, but it seems to make sense to me.

So the question is how can you add more power to your visualisation. In my view, meditation is the perfect tool to achieve just that. If you meditate, i.e. clear your mind of the chatter that goes on within it most of the time, and then visualise your dream and add positive emotions to it (e.g. gratitude for what you have achieved), that thought will be undiluted and more powerful.

Meditation is therefore my number one tool to make the law of attraction work for me.

I just came across a demonstration of a law of attraction meditation by Deepak Chopra that you may find helpful.

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