Law of Attraction – Videos


“The Secret” Producer on Oprah

This is the episode of Oprah where the producer of The Secret Rhonda Byrne discusses the Law of Attraction with Oprah. Other stars of the film contribute as well.

The Science of Happiness – An Experiment in Gratitude

This video documents an experiment conducted by SoulPancake and shows how gratitude can trigger happiness. Watch it – it will make you feel good and maybe you want to replicate the experiment!


What’s This Site About?

Many people would say that the law of attraction is hocus pocus and does not work. My point with this website is that if you implement all the elements that form the basis of the law of attraction, such as being positive, envisioning your goals, giving to others etc, your life is bound to get better, richer and more meaningful. So what is the harm in living according to the principles of the law of attraction? I am updating my blog on a regular basis with my own ideas, experiences, books that I have read and am hoping that readers will share their own stories. By following my blog, I am hoping that I will help you to embark on a journey which will enable you to live the life of your dreams.