Is the Law of Attraction Scientifically Proven? (Part 1)

February 11, 2014

Many teachers of the Law of Attraction claim that this concept is in fact a law, just like the law of gravity. It is always there and cannot be switched of or ignored.

If it really is a law, then it should be possible to test it and verify it, right? This is where the philosophy of the law of attraction is really challenged, as, at least so far it has not been proven.

This site and blog was set up for people who are interested in the law of attraction, but are really sceptical about its “truth”. I chose to address sceptics as I am myself a sceptic. I think that the law of attraction is hugely exciting and uplifting and have had many small experiences where I believe the law of attraction was at work. However, I have not yet managed to make the law of attraction work for me in a big, life-changing way. When things that I visualised do not happen (such as getting that job that I wanted so badly), I am struggling to keep my belief of the LOA alive and kicking. A deep belief in the law of attraction is apparently of the utmost importance to successfully manifesting your desires. I therefore wished that the LOA was indeed scientifically proven. But, as you are about to find out, there is hope….

I recently bought a book about the scientific principles of the law of attraction. It is not written by some airy-fairy guru but by a real-world scientist. Travis Taylor holds a number of Masters Degrees in Physics, Aerospace Engineering, and Astronomy and has a doctorate in Optical Science and Engineering. In short, Taylor is used to questioning and testing theories and hypotheses by applying scientific methods. As many scientists, he explains that he is not religious.

In his book The Science Behind The Secret, he ventures to explain in scientific terms how the law of attraction works. I have only just started to read the book, but it already got me so excited that I felt the need to write about it. I decided to post my thoughts to this website as I am reading it, so this is only the first post about this intriguing book; more will follow.

A scientist gets excited

The book sets out to explain how Taylor had been studying the universe ever since he can remember. Then, one night, he watched Oprah where the producers of “The Secret” presented their work and the Law of Attraction. He actually found that it all made sense and felt that “the pieces of the universal puzzle [...] were falling into place before me”!

The basis of the law of attraction is that everything is energy, physical things like your house, trees, soil as well as living things, including yourself. Even the space between planets and stars is not empty but made of energetic oscillations. This is scientific fact. Fact is also, that energy can be described as a vibration. If you have a thought, energy is required to “power” that thought. Therefore, your thought is energy and sends out vibrations.

Vibrations are waves that oscillate at a certain frequency. Taylor points out that waves can be strengthened if they interfere with ones that are on the same wavelength, which will amplify each other into a bigger wave. If you have strong positive thoughts, that are strengthened by your positive emotions, they will meet positive energy waves in the universe and will become a stronger energy wave that will then lead to manifest your desires.

Your thought vibration ripples through the “spacetime continuum (everywhere)” across the universe. Taylor explains that “these oscillations are quantum-physics phenomena, and quantum physics happens instantaneously across the entire universe.” This is the basic logic that explains why your thoughts are more powerful than you might have thought before reading about the law of attraction.

What got me so excited when reading Taylor’s book is the fact that he with his methodical, non-religious and scientific mind got excited when learning more about the law of attraction. Taylor states that he started to look at the universe differently and that he got excited as he started to believe that humanity could gain an understanding that there is something more and how to tap into it.

This post only discusses the first two chapters of this book. I will continue to read this and discuss Taylor’s findings in the next few blog posts. I hope that you may have become as excited as I am to learn that the law of attraction makes sense from a scientific point of view. If you are really excited, I believe you should get hold of his book (on or quickly as possible. It is really well written and humorous as well.

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