Does the Law of Attraction require Action?

November 9, 2013

The law of attraction states that like attracts like, i.e. your thoughts and emotions are actually vibrations that attract the same vibrations from the universe. It is thus that the universe helps you manifest your thoughts and desires, bad as well as good.

What many books don’t make clear is whether you actually still have to take action to manifest your dreams, or whether it is “enough” to apply the 5 steps to attracting what you want.

I think that the answer to this question is not all that straight forward and not many authors explain this point. Clearly, if you go through the 5 steps to attract a Ferrari, you would not really expect the car to drop out of the sky directly onto your driveway. What is it then that you have to do, and the answer should not be “work overtime” and “save like there is no tomorrow” as that would be the non-spiritual way of getting the car, or whatever it may be you want to attract.

Personally, I believe that the universe has many different ways to deliver your dream and sometimes it will require you to act. Instead of dropping your dream into your lap (or that Ferrari onto your driveway), the universe may show you how to manifest your dream. For example, you may have a run into an old friend who has this great idea about a new business venture, which may lead you to open a business and that will bring you abundance. Or you decide to pop into a bar that you are walking past, where you meet your dream partner.

The universe can communicate to you via your unconscious mind, or intuition. It is intuition that told you to enter that bar in the example above, which is the same as a hint by the universe to help you bring that dream person into your life.

Joe Vitale (author of many books on the law of attraction) calls this “inspired action”, action that is triggered by a “gut feeling”. I believe that in modern western society, people tend to lose the connection with their inner self and don’t listen to intuition anymore. Rather, they try to use “scientific” reasoning.

So you may or may not be required to take action. I think that the important element here is that you don’t try to work using force, i.e. take on 2 additional moon-lighting jobs  and work yourself into a stupor to attract abundance. Practice the 5 steps that are essential to living the law of attraction and be open minded. Take time to medidate as meditation will help you connect with your unconscious (and therefore, the universe) and act upon your intuition. The law of attraction may indeed do most of the work for you, but by keeping an open mind it may show you the way to achieving your dreams.


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