Acceptance and the Law of Attraction

January 21, 2014

I have come across the concept of acceptance many times when reading self-help books and, particularly, books on spirituality.

Wikipedia defines the term as follows: Acceptance in human psychology is a person’s assent to the reality of a situation, recognizing a process or condition (often a negative or uncomfortable situation) without attempting to change it, protest, or exit.

I find the concept of acceptance fairly hard to incorporate into one’s daily life and mind-set. After all, acceptance might imply “giving up” and the Wikipedia definition could be interpreted as such. That, however, is not what religions, such as Buddhism and other teachers mean at all.

It is relatively easy to apply acceptance in some areas of our lives, particularly if it does not give us the feeling that we are giving up. One of the best examples is the weather. I live in the UK, and believe me the weather here can get to you. Clearly, it does not solve any problems by moaning about the weather (though it might, stereotypically, be expected of you to small-talk about the weather here…) and will only get your emotions on to a negative track.

This, by the way is the link to the law of attraction here. Acceptance will help you manage your negative emotions. As we know, positive emotions emit positive vibrations, which in turn attract positive results. Incorporating acceptance is therefore critical in making the law of attraction work for you.

Back to our example of the English weather: Clearly, accepting the weather as it is and not getting into a bad mood because of it, does not imply you a weak and have lost the will to pursue your goals. What about other scenarios though. What if you have lost your job (as I did a while ago), are ill or are lonely? Accepting unemployment can feel like capitulation, but that is not what is meant by acceptance.

Acceptance in the example of the unemployment situation does not only relate to the situation itself, but, crucially, the emotions that are triggered through your situation. Psychologists and spiritual teachers will tell you that by acknowledging and accepting your feelings, rather than fighting them, these feelings will dissipate. Accept your fear as a “normal” reaction to your current situation. Don’t beat yourself up or try to distract yourself so that you don’t have to think about the situation and, therefore, your fear. If you do that, your fear will just be suppressed for a moment, but will then rear its (by now even bigger) ugly head later. By acknowleding a feeling, you give yourself permission to feel that way. If you allow a feeling to “be” it will be processed and transformed into a more constructive feeling.

Think of a time when you have been wronged or inconvenienced by a service provider. Isn’t the worse that can happen if the company then returns the blame on you, on others or plays down the incident? Does your anger not dissipate when the company representative acknowledges your anger and frustration?

When discussing the law of attraction, we talk about energy, positive and negative. The physical law that applies to energy states that “energy cannot be created or destroyed, but just transformed from one form to another.” When allowing or validating a negative emotion, the emotion gets processed and can then transform itself into a different, more positive emotion.

When I get a churning stomach due to my job situation, I sit down and tell myself this: “Listen, you currently don’t have a job. That is the situation right now. But as with the weather, you have to accept it. And, situations change all the time, just like the weather. You are scared right now, because you are worried about the future, which is a very valid feeling. But you are not in the future – you are in the present, – in the now.”

This usually helps to calm me down. When my fear recedes because of the acceptance of the situation, I actually become more productive, which will eventually help me get that job. My positive emotions then help me attract the job and whatever else I would like to manifest in my life.

Positivity and optimism have been proven by eminent psychologists, to help live a more meaningful, happy life, which in turn helps people achieve their goals. As I have discussed in previous articles, the law of attraction works on the same principles. By practicing acceptance, you will be able to emit more positive emotions, become more optimistic and resilient. This will form the foundation to overcome your problems and manifest your dreams.

I recommend meditation (see my post) as a tool to help you with acceptance. Also, I recently read the book “The Power of Now” by Eckhard Tolle, which I recommend.

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