This site has been created by Marc Mathews. Marc has been studying the law of attraction for one and a half years. After years of perusing self-development books he realised that the law of attraction was not just an airy-fairy spiritual concept. It’s elements and ways to make if for you are actually right in line with many more “down-to-earth” teachings by self-help authors.

Marc lives in the UK with his wife and two children. It is his aim to share stories, tips and useful literature and techniques with readers to make the law of attraction part of his reader’s lives. The hope is that, ultimately, this site will be filled by readers’ own stories of how they made the law of attraction work for them.

You can contact Marc via the contact form or by email: marc@lawofattractionforbrits.com


What’s This Site About?

Many people would say that the law of attraction is hocus pocus and does not work. My point with this website is that if you implement all the elements that form the basis of the law of attraction, such as being positive, envisioning your goals, giving to others etc, your life is bound to get better, richer and more meaningful. So what is the harm in living according to the principles of the law of attraction? I am updating my blog on a regular basis with my own ideas, experiences, books that I have read and am hoping that readers will share their own stories. By following my blog, I am hoping that I will help you to embark on a journey which will enable you to live the life of your dreams.