The Law of Attraction

Why “The Law of Attraction for Brits”?

The title of this site might be misleading as the law of attraction does not have specific application to any nationality or ethnicity. As the law of gravity, this law has universal application.

The British tend to be rather sceptical as a nation and the intention of this site is to make a case that the law of attraction does work. It will show you that if you apply all its principles you can only win, even if you don’t consider yourself spiritual.

The law of attraction has not been scientifically proven, as is pointed out on the Wikipedia page on this topic. However, neither is the existence of god proven, yet billions of people believe in some form of deity and as a result live a better life.

The law of attraction does not contradict any religion, however.

On this website you will find many references to studies and scientists who have proven that individual elements of the law of attraction do enhance your chances to live the life of your dreams.

What is the Law of Attraction?

In simple terms, the law of attraction states that “like attracts like”.

The universe consists of vibrating particles and those that vibrate on the same frequency attract each other like a magnet. This means that you too are a vibrating mass of particles and your vibrations don’t just stay within you, but are transmitted to the universe, are around you as well. It is the quality of vibrations that determines what is attracted back to you. If your vibrations are negative, e.g. you are in a bad mood or depressed, more of the same will be attracted to you. Conversely, if you are “emitting” positive vibrations, positive things and experiences will be attracted to you. Therefore, if you want to use the Law of Attraction to improve your life, become richer, have better relationships, be happier etc, you have to work on your feelings. If you manage to eliminate or massively reduce negative moods and become more positive, optimistic, excited, loving etc, you will get more of that nature.

Does the law of attraction work?

Given that you have come to this site, I am assuming that you are not easily convinced that this is for real and will work for you. At the same time, you seem to be open and curious about this law. Does it work? I think you should ask yourself this: If you manage to feel good about yourself and your dreams, and are generally very positive – what harm will it do? It can only bring about positive results, can’t it?

It has been scientifically proven in countless studies by renown universities, that positivity results in higher success rates, lower illness rates, increased resilience in crises situations etc. If you want to read more about the benefits of positivity, check out “Positivity” by Barbara Frederickson.

Another indispensible element of attracting the things that you really want into your life is visualisation of what it will like to live your dream, coupled with the emotion that this evokes. Again, most management gurus claim that visualisation of the achievement of a goal is a foundation to success. So, again, living the principles of the law of attraction can only be positive.

I encourage you to study the law of attraction and live it every day. You may not win the lottery next week or next month, or ever, but you will see that you will feel better and will come closer to achieving whatever it is in life that you want.

I have compiled 5 principles that, if you want to live the law of attraction and reap it’s benefits, you should try to make a habit of. My blog might then help you with tips and motivational stories to maintain momentum.

What’s This Site About?

Many people would say that the law of attraction is hocus pocus and does not work. My point with this website is that if you implement all the elements that form the basis of the law of attraction, such as being positive, envisioning your goals, giving to others etc, your life is bound to get better, richer and more meaningful. So what is the harm in living according to the principles of the law of attraction? I am updating my blog on a regular basis with my own ideas, experiences, books that I have read and am hoping that readers will share their own stories. By following my blog, I am hoping that I will help you to embark on a journey which will enable you to live the life of your dreams.